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Women's March on Washington - WMW 2017
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We march for women's health rights, reproductive rights, equality, and justice for all women on all matters.
"Education is Key"

Womens March on Washington - WMW 2017

week 2 post op
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It's been 2 whole weeks! I feel like my old self! My incisions healed nicely but the area is still numb. Tomorrow is my post operation appointment, hoping it goes well. Some ptls symptoms are still around: fatigue mostly, but sometimes I get restless during the night, when I'm already asleep, it goes along with the insomnia I was experiencing. The nausea is gone, i used to wake up at 10am just to avoid morning nausea. Ibs is gone too. My sex drive is better but not nearly as good as before the tubal. Appetite is great! Starting to gain some weight, hopefully I can keep it up. I feel so much healthier now, it's awesome. Brain fog comes and goes, depends on the day. Hoping to update with better news next week.
My Post Tubal ligation symptoms
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✳Nausea upon waking
✳Extreme fatigue
✳shorter menstrual cycles/ irregular cycles
✳debilitating pain over ovaries (has never gone away)
✳loss of libido
✳uterine prolapse
✳achy joints
✳achy muscles/ muscle weakness
✳hot flashes
✳painful intercourse
✳mood swings
* night sweats
*ovarian pain
*brain fog
*pelvic pain
*hair loss

The pain over my ovary started immediately following surgery, the other symptoms slowly crept up over a year. It seemed like the longer I had my tubes tied, the more problems I ended up with. Every time I went to the doctor, they dismissed my concerns. Diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism was the last straw. My potassium levels were low joust before surgery, I'll get those retested one of these days.