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Why Post Sterilized Women should have their anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) levels checked
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Why "Post Sterilized Women" should have their anti Mullerian hormone (AMH) levels checked.

CPTwomen www.Tubal.org menopause hormone testingAnti-mullerian hormone (AMH) is useful in evaluating ovarian function because levels decline as ovarian function declines. AMH levels are low to undetectable in female infancy and after menopause. Low levels of AMH in a woman of reproductive age (under the age of 40) indicate ovarian hypofunction or “early menopause”. AMH levels do not vary greatly throughout the menstrual cycle so they can be measured on any day of the cycle. AMH is not altered or influenced by birth control pills or pregnancy. A decrease in AMH can be caused by increasing age, obesity, chemotherapy/radiation, hysterectomy and by "tubal sterilization".

Women can self order their own hormone testing: Current costs to do so at  www.ultalabtests.com is $12.95 for an FSH test, $62 for a basic menopause panel, $77 for an Anti-Mullerian Hormone AssessR™ , and $248 for a Comprehensive Menopause Panel (which includes Anti-Mullerian Hormone).

For more information see: http://tubal.org/hormonetesting.htm

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